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The "Wake Up to Your Life" meditation group has invited Seattle-based Buddhist teacher George Draffan to Columbus to lead a series of programs during the last week of January. See the brief descriptions (below) for more information.

I'm also attaching a pdf file which has a full description of the programs. We'd really appreciate any help you may can offer to get the word out. Consider printing up a copy of each and posting them at your home sangha's community bulletin board, or forwarding them to people from your sangha's e-mail list.

Please reply to this e-mail or go to for more information.

The events:
Embodied Energy. January 28th at the Elizabeth Blackwell Center. 9am to 4 pm workshop on raising energy and being present in our bodies. For those who find sitting meditation a challenge, we'll introduce several ways of bringing ease and comfort so that the body and mind can settle naturally. And we'll show how walking and moving meditation can release a joyful flow of energy.
All Paths Are Not the Same. January 28th at the Upper Arlington Public Library. 7-845 pm.
There are different paths of practice in Buddhism. We'll explore how they're different and how they fit together, and suggest ways to follow a path that addresses your needs and aspirations.

Entering the Way: Awakening as a Way of Life. For many of us, sustaining a consistent practice is an ongoing challenge. This weekend retreat in Yellow Springs will explore ways to find the personal motivation and the practical supports that make your practice sustainable -- to transform spiritual practice into a way of life.
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