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Remembering to Breathe retreat

Remembering to Breathe
a residential retreat in Pickerington Ohio, with George Draffan

sponsored by the Columbus
Wake Up To Your Life group

September 4-6, 2009

In the traditional teachings of the Buddha, the body is the first foundation of awareness. Breathing is the constant activity of our bodies. Grounded in the breathing body, we can calm our fears, craving, and anger. As reactive emotions are calmed, confusion clears and we see what is arising in us and in our world. We come to know what creates struggle, what releases suffering, what is ever-changing, and what is reliable.

Join us for a weekend exploration of the path of awareness and compassion. Our instruction and
practice will be based in the Natural Settling tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, and in the Anapanasati(Mindfulness of Breathing) Sutta — one of the basic meditation manuals of Theravada Buddhism.

To cultivate flexibility and balance energy, we’ll also practice walking meditation and gentle qigong movement exercises.

The retreat is suitable for beginning and experienced meditators, and will be limited to 15 people to allow for full participation.

If you have questions about the retreat, contact George Draffan ( at 206-723-4276

The cost of the retreat is $150. To reserve your place contact

Jim Ellsworth

About the teacher
George Draffan is a Seattle-based practitioner and teacher
of Buddhist meditation and Taoist energy practices.
His teaching emphasizes body-based awareness and its
application to daily life.

Visit for more information
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